Richard Fox make fully custom suits for men and women, from scratch. We cut each individual suit to your specification. What ever you may want in terms of style of fabric, we can do. If you are new to Richard Fox, please take advantage of our 10% introductory discount.

If you have never had a custom suit, then you may have questions like: What is so good about custom suits? Do Custom Suits really make a difference? These are questions that are often on the minds of new customers when we first meet them. Some have never experienced a custom suit and are unsure about just whether the extra effort and (sometimes) extra cost is worth it? Some have never experienced a Richard Fox Custom Suit. navy single breasted

Well the answer to these questions can only really be given by the person who is asking them. After the final fitting and their new custom suit is in their wardrobe. However it isn’t quite the Catch-22 situation that it seems.

The fact is, that if you weren’t brought up in a situation, where custom clothing was just accepted as normal, then of course you will question its worth. Its only natural. I did. I’d even go as far to say that if you didn’t question it, then you probably would not be the sort of person that was in a situation where custom suits were even a choice. Custom made blazers
Custom Made blazers by Richard Fox

The only way I can answer these questions truthfully is by telling you what past customers have said. What there experience of custom clothing is: without fail the first thing that men notice about a custom suit when they first try it, is not the way it looks, Its the way it feels. Its the way it cocoons you and supports you while also being soft and allowing movement. At this stage the jacket and the pants are still new and “stiff”. But after only a few wears it will mold, even more, to your form and become an old friend. Ladies and Gent's custom made matching suits
Ladies and Gent’s custom made matching suits

The second most common thing for guys to tell me is how it makes them feel. It’s not uncommon today for people to work in an informal atmosphere, where you are encouraged to be more casual in your day to day attire. For most guys this means Jeans, a really good shirt ( Hopefully custom!) and a sport coat or blazer (Again, hopefully custom made!). So when the time is right to break out the suits: special occasions, presentations, client meetings etc. It makes sense that you want to wear something special. Most of us will have been in the situation where we walk into a meeting room and a dozen people, some of whom you know, some you don’t, are all sizing each other up. If you are among the guys that have their suits and shirts made custom, then you already feel in command of the situation. Its the extra confidence that you carry with you when you know you look your best. And you can bet your life that when people meet you, they know your not wearing a $500 off the rack suit! custom business casual outfit
Custom made business casual outfit by Richard Fox

Then last, but far from least, there is the way you look. A custom suit should flatter you. It should be cut to highlight the features you like and disguise those you don’t. We are making something from scratch, so we make it to work for you as an individual. These are not jelly mold garments. It’s this quality and confidence that makes our customers walk a little taller and present themselves a little stronger.

We always encourage our customers to add something special to the design of their suit. Something that makes it individual. A feature or addition that makes it truly yours. Its your suit. Its your style.

This is a time in the history of our affluent society when you can walk into a few stores and pay more than $5000 for an “Off-the-Rack” suit. There are 10 suits just like it on the same rack. They are not made for you, to your design, or to your measurements. And one day soon, you may walk into a meeting and find someone wearing exactly the same suit as you. Ladies Silk and Wool suit
Ladies Coral silk and wool outfit

You can pay $5000 for a suit from us, if you really want to. We would be happy to show you fabrics from this range! But that will probably be sometime down the line, if at all. By that time you will probably have a few pieces of Richard Fox clothing in your wardrobe that are special to you, made for you. Designed by you, with our help. And no one else will have a suit exactly like yours. And you wont have paid anywhere near $5000!

The Process

Richard Fox visits you in the comfort of your own home or office, equipped with  everything you need to order your Custom Suit to your own exacting specification.

Men's Double Breasted Suit

A first appointment will usually last about one hour. In that time we will take your measurements and discuss all your clothing needs and desires. 

You will select fabrics and discuss and confirm the final styling of your first purchases. With literally hundreds of fabrics and styling combinations to choose from, you can let you imagination run wild. Or we can advise you on classic and current styles. 

Custom Jacket Cuff vent lining

The cloth is then cut in accordance with the pattern that we send to our workshop in Europe. We call you to book a first fitting in about six weeks. Any final alterations are performed locally and, after another quick fitting the garment is in your wardrobe. From start to finish should take about eight weeks for first orders. Usually six weeks or less for any further orders.



All of our custom clothing is cut and sewn in Europe by the finest craftsmen and women, using the finest materials.

Two piece suits, either Single or Double Breasted start at around $1000 and go up to over $5000. However, the vast majority of suits that we deliver to our customers, are in the price range of $1200 to $2000.

The cloth can be selected from a choice of eleven hundred of the best of British and Italian fabrics. 

Cloth Mills

Richard Fox is proud to work with a wide range of British and Italian Cloth Mills.  These mills include the following:


The Area we serve

Richard Fox serves Monterey and Carmel by the Sea, Santa Cruz and up to San Jose, California. Please contact us if you would like to see a clothier from Richard Fox but are outside of this area. We can usually fit you in to our schedule. 

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you !



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