There are few things in life as special as putting on a dress shirt that has been custom made for you. Often thought of as a luxury, well fitting  shirts, especially made for you, quickly become a necessity. White custom shirt with spread collar.
White custom shirt with spread collar.

Convenient Service

Richard Fox offers a complete service for busy professional and discerning gentlemen. We come to you to ensure that this process does not cost you any more time than is absolutely necessary. We are happy to visit you in your office or home at a time that fits with your busy schedule. We will bring everything we need to ensure you can select and style your perfect shirts for any occassion.

Dark Denim Custom Shirt


We take up to 18 separate measurements to make the best shirts we can for our customers. These take into account not only physical size but also posture, arm position and shoulder slope. 

Making a great fitting shirt is a partnership between art and science. Our clothiers are fully trained to collect all the data we need to complete the job.

Richard Fox does not ask you to measure yourself. Photograph yourself. Or make technical judgments about how a garment should fit, anymore than we would consider “having a go” at any of the professional services our customers offer.”

Strap Collar Dress Shirt


Our professionals can also advise you on styling choices for your shirts. Plackets, tails, darts, seams, and buttons all need to be chosen. Then there are contrast panels and with over twenty collars and almost as many cuffs, it can take some time. Happily, our professionals will take you through this process quickly and efficiently. Pale blue two button collar custom shirt.
Pale Blue Two button Collar custom shirt.


We bring a collection of over 500 fabrics. Including Sea Island Cottons and the finest Egyptian staples, through to hardworking poplins, dobby, oxfords and twills for a tough professional life. We also have Linens for lazy days, and a colorful collection of printed designs.

Mid-Blue Gingham Shirt

Pricing and ordering

All of our clothing is cut and sewn in our workshops in Europe by highly skilled craftsmen and women. We use the finest fabrics, interlinings and trimmings in the process.  Our pricing starts at a surprisingly low $215* and go up to around $390* per shirt on our current range of fabrics. These prices include our Sea Island Cotton and Egyptian Giza Range.

These prices are also fully inclusive except for your local Sales Tax.

The average cost of a shirt on past orders is currently around $260*.

There is a minimum quantity of three shirts per order.

If you are looking to re-stock your wardrobe, every seventh shirt is discounted by the average cost of all the shirts ordered. Which essentially means that every seventh shirt is free!

*For those who believe that a high price is a sign of high quality, we would explain that our prices are so competitive because we don’t have a “bricks and mortar” store. Therefore our overheads are much lower than many of our competitors.

Shirt on hanger Richard Fox Label

Please use our contact page to let us know if you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment. 

We look forward to hearing from you.



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